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Beginners is a 2010 American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Mike Mills. It tells the story of Oliver (Ewan McGregor), a man reflecting on the life and death of his father while trying to forge a new romantic relationship with a woman dealing with father issues of her own.

Beginners premiered at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, where the Los Angeles Times heralded it as a "heady, heartfelt film" with a cast who has "a strong sense of responsibility to their real-world counterparts"

* Ewan McGregor as Oliver
o Keegan Boos as young Oliver
* Christopher Plummer as Hal, Oliver's father.
* Mélanie Laurent as Anna, a French actress with whom Oliver begins a love affair.
* Goran Višnjić as Andy, Hal's much-younger lover.
* Kai Lennox as Elliot, Oliver's best friend and co-worker.
* Mary Page Keller as Georgia, Oliver's mother.
* China Shavers as Shauna, Oliver's friend and co-worker.
* Lou Taylor Pucci as The Magician
* Cosmo as Arthur

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