Monday, February 27, 2012

Soul 2 by Seal

Soul 2 by Seal

2012 album from the British vocalist. After the success of his platinum-selling album Soul, Seal has now turned his attention to classic '70s Soul records for this follow-up. Bringing his recognizable voice to tracks such as Rose Royce's 'Wishing On A Star' and Bill Withers' 'Lean On Me', Seal brings soul back to Soul music. On 2008's Soul, Seal went through the '60s soulbook with the assistance of producer David Foster.
For its 2011 sequel, Seal moves on a decade and brings in Trevor Horn to helm its 11 tracks (sometimes in conjunction with Foster and his cohort Jochem van der Saag), a result that perhaps freshens proceedings up a bit but doesn't change them markedly.
Soul 2 remains a faithful re-creation of classic soul, Horn applying a new coat of paint to the original arrangements, ensuring that this is a fresh, glistening environment for Seal.
The singer doesn't pop against this backdrop, he blends into his surroundings, sounding as immaculately tailored as the instrumentation, never pushing the tunes away from the melodies you know by heart.
While that might not make for especially compelling listening, it's certainly pleasant either as nostalgia or as high-end lifestyle music. S.T. Erlewine

Best tracks: "Love T.K.O", "Let's Stay Together", "I'll Be Around".

Song Title Time Price
1. Wishing On A Star 4:13
2. Love T.K.O. 5:37
3. Ooh Baby Baby 3:01
4. Let's Stay Together 3:41
5. What's Going On 4:27
6. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 4:10
7. Back Stabbers 3:36
8. I'll Be Around 3:15
9. Love Won't Let Me Wait 4:24
10. Lean On Me 3:26
11. Oh Girl 3:53

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