Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ready to take some AMAZING Pictures? Check this out....

GoPro Camera CHDOH-002 HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition

GoPro Camera CHDOH-002 HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition

GoPro cameras are used by more professional athletes, sports filmmakers and core enthusiasts than any other camera in the world. The HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition is the most advanced GoPro camera yet. Wearable and gear mountable, waterproof to 197′ (60m), capable of capturing professional full 170º wide angle 1080p video and 11 megapixel photos at a rate of 10 photos per second, the HD HERO2 is the world’s most versatile camera. Whether your goal is to capture a great day out with friends or you’re gunning for the cover of a magazine, the HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition can help you nail it and look like a HERO.

* Simple Language-Based User Interface
* 2X Sharper Professional Glass Lens
* 2x Faster Image Processor
* 11MP Sensor
* Full Wide 170º, Medium 127º, Narrow 90º FOV (Field of View) in 1080p and 720p
* Professional Low Light Performance
* 11MP, 8MP and 5MP Photos with Full 170º and Medium 127º FOV
* 10 Photos Per Second Burst
* 1 Photo Every 0.5 Seconds Time-Lapse Mode
* Natural and High Wind Audio Modes
* 3.5mm Stereo External Microphone Input
* Wi-Fi BacPac + Wi-Fi Remote Compatible
o Long range remote control of multiple cameras
o Wi-Fi Video Preview + Playback on Smartphone / Tablet / Computer
o Live streaming to the web
* 1 11MP HD HERO2 Camera
* 1 Waterproof Housing (197′ / 60m)
* 1 HD Skeleton Backdoor
* 1 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
* 1 USB Cable
* 1 Vented Helmet Strap
* 1 Head Strap
* 2 Curved Surface Adhesive Mounts
* 2 Flat Surface Adhesive Mounts
* 1 Three-Way Pivot Arm
* Assorted Mounting Hardware

Hero2 is clearly better than the original HD Hero in many areas. The price difference is justifiable although $300 was bit too much for my wallet. I am still happy with the purchase. If you are choosing between Original HD Hero and Hero2, I would get Hero2 for better low light performance. I would not use this camera for photos like point and shoot camera unless there is lots of light and steady mount to take time-lapse photos.

Pros Over the Original HD Hero:
* low light. Especially at 60fps in low light, I see huge difference.
* Video is sharper. I am not sure about 2X though.
* Auto White balance is much better in low light.
* The Running LED light on the back side. I do not care about the top and bottom ones.
* Motion is clearer and less motion blur due to faster shutter speed I think.
* Auto Exposure is more accurate.
* Improved dynamic range. I see good detail in shadow areas.
* Config LCD is easier to use.
* 120fps!
* I can use the same protective cases and mounts on Hero2.
* And other neat features like 10fps photos and more.

Pros Over Other Action Cameras like Contour HD series, Tachyon HD series, Bullet HD series, Midland XTC series, and Oregon Scientific ATC-9K
* Most action cameras use microSD card which is little more expensive and easy to lose. GoPro sticks with Full SD card. That is great!
* There are other action cameras that are on par with the original HD, but this Hero2 is one step ahead of other competitors. There are no better action cameras in terms of video quality than Hero2 as of 11/10/2011.
* As far as I have seen videos of other products, Hero2 handles the best in high contrast scene and low light.
* Rolling shutter issue seems well controlled compared to other cameras.

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