Friday, January 20, 2012

Feist: Metals

Metals by Feist

Feist's allure for me has always been those vocals--sharp enough to cut your heart like shaved glass, yet oozing into the corners like clotted cream, floating up and up, shimmering and warm, despairing and lovely. Comparisons with Tori Amos are not unreasonable when it comes to her delivery, but her whispers of desperation are hers alone. Music on this album hovers around the intersection of indie and alt country, a good place for her, and one which she inhabits beautifully. "Little bird/have you got a key?/ Unlock the Lock inside of me..." she sings in the opening of the beautiful "Caught in a Long Wind", and shivers creep up and down my spine, I almost feel ashamed to listen to something so personal. How can she share like this? Something so beautiful? She seems intent on wrapping her listener in layers of her soul, but is it real? Is it an illusion? I'm not sure. But I'm willing to keep exploring. Sometimes, the simplest lyrics become the most profound: in "Bittersweet Melodies", she offers slips of memories, evocations of those relationships that we all have had and regret--"I remember us/'fore we turn to dusk/ Just when these feelings were all about/ When we still could trust/in our hearts". Sometimes, for an instant, I catch a remembrance of the pure beauty of Elizabeth Fraser in her voice, and my heart catches. This is such a mature, such a wonderful album. I love it.

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