Wednesday, January 11, 2012

David Gray's Greatest Hits

David Gray's Greatest Hits

One might argue that David Gray's claim to fame must be his 1998 album White Ladder which spawned such deserving hits as Babylon, Please Forgive Me, This Year's Love and Sail Away, all of which are represented on the collection of hits. Actually there's more. The title of the disc is a little off. It's more a best-of though incomplete, which is not too surprising.

However, as an intro to Gray's mastery, this 1-disc set suffices. His essential songs are culled from Ladder and the two follow-up, A New Day at Midnight and Life in Slow Motion. There's the incredibly sensitive Be Mine and the heart-aching The One I Love. Older and less known material shows up in the form of a live version of Shine and Flame Turned Blue, both of which cannot do enough justice to Gray's earlier works. The bitter song Slow Motion from his last album is sorely missing. Of course, the two cursory new tracks, You're the World to Me and Destroyer rounds up the disc.

1. You're The World To Me 3:37
2. Babylon II 3:37
3. The One I Love 3:29
4. Please Forgive Me 5:33
5. Be Mine (Remix) 3:52
6. Hospital Food 4:44
7. This Years Love 4:05
8. Alibi 4:34
9. Sail Away 5:15
10. Shine (Live) 4:42
11. Caroline 3:39
12. The Other Side 4:29
13. Flame Turns Blue 4:51
14. Destroyer 3:18

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