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ZOOM! Kids Show Zoom Back to the 70s!!

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Come on and zoom za zoom a zoom. Come on and zoomazoomazoomm zoom zoom.
We're gonna reach for the sky, we're gonna teach you to fly high!

ubby-dubby anyone? That WSBK music?

ZOOM: BACK TO THE 1970's is a 2 DVD set of some of the best moments of the show that ran from 1972 to 1978. This was a favorite show of mine as a kid, so I was interested in seeing it again.

What is on the DVD?

Disc One

BEST OF THE 1970's - Judging by the 1998 copyright, I believe this 35 minute compilation of the best moments is the same that was released on VHS. I haven't been able to compare the two, but that also ran the same amount of time, and the sketches seem to be familiar. One of the most popular moments from the series, the song "City Child" is there. Of most interest will be the complete opening and closing credits from all the six seasons of the show.

One MAJOR problem with this however, there are no chapter stops. You can't skip to a specific sketch. And if you want to see just the credit sequences? They are at the very end. You have to fastforward through everything.

Also on this DVD is a two minute collection of behind the scenes stills from the series, played over the theme song. Nothing you will want to see more than once.

In one of the strangest extras, there is a ten question or so quiz on the show, asking what a few of the cast members are doing today. Wouldn't this be better as just a plain text menu instead of a silly Q&A?

There are also some DVD-ROM extras that I didn't try out (one of wallpaper and an Ubbi-Dubbi explanation).

Disc Two

This disc contains 4 complete episodes of the show. It contains one episode from the first season, second season, third season, and the sixth and final season. Each runs 28 minutes so I would assume they are complete.

The DVD is worth picking up to remind you of the show. However, it could / should have been a lot better. With the addition of chapter stops and maybe more musical numbers (which is what I remembered most from the show) it could have been one of the DVDs of the year.

I'm so glad this was finally done. Watching this not only re-educated me but I'm sure would be interesting to very young kids today. It seemed like the kids back then were more into discovery, creativity and intellectual stimulation; they didn't get easily bored - weren't caught up in the plastic of society but celebrated being an individual. When I watch this, I only remember feeling happy as a kid and forget the drag of what's going on today. There're just too many unforgettable and informative episodes in this series to stop at this DVD. This is a successful breakthrough and will continue to be as such, in the educational system. Highly recommended for those who want to remember 'happy' and 'carefree'.

For those of us who were kids in the 70's, ZOOM was one of our favorite shows and one that is very fondly remembered. It was really well made and with a unique concept - kids being kids, never talking down to them and showing all the cool stuff they were capable of doing, like playing hockey, being a ham radio operator or making amateur stop-motion films.

The DVD is excellent and a must buy for any ZOOM fan. Disc one gives you a "best of" from the whole run of the show plus some DVD-ROM extras like computer wallpaper, ZOOM cards and ZOOM activities. Disc two gives you 4 complete episodes from different seasons, credits and all. My one complaint? The whole thing is too short! For a 2 DVD set there should have been more episodes included. Let's hope that there will be more episodes released in the future.

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