Saturday, December 10, 2011

Global War on Drugs a Failure. Legalize Now

Thank God someone is finally making sense here.
I just read this in USA Today and then on Yahoo News;

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A high-level international commission declared the global "war on drugs" a failure and urged nations to consider legalizing cannabis and other drugs to undermine organized crime and protect their citizens' health.

Do we really need a commission to understand that our drug policy is flawed? Once upon a time, I, like many other students throughout the ages, suffered through a ton of really dry history classes because, they said, "If you don't know your history you're doomed to repeat it."

Well then people, wake the eff up. Hello? Did prohibition work?

The way I understand it, we let the pointy headed religious women convince us that alcohol was bad and should be illegal, an effort helped by the shortage of grain caused by WWI, we banned booze, and we learned immediately that that was a bad thing because it gave organized crime something to peddle.

Soooo... that didn't go well, and what do we do? Learn from it? Nooooo.... in fact, we made drugs illegal and uh, created a whole bunch of things for bad guys to peddle. Nice plan, America.

The USA Today article quoted the current Drug Czar as saying the commission is misguided, and then quoted someone else from the Drug Control Policy office as saying the same thing. Seriously, those offices have been sucking the public teat for decades now, making millions for themselves in business contacts and perks, would anyone expect them to listen?

Please please please please please US Government, stop being stupid on this.

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