Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Chance to Snark

I've needed a place to be snarky, this is it. I'm starting with Mel Kiper, whose hair, actually, was the inspiration for the name of this blog.

The NFL Draft is a story created by ESPN and Mel Kiper.

I mean, it existed before they did, but before they got their greedy knuckles dug into it, it was just a way for college players to become professional players in a fair way. The suckiest teams pick first, the better teams pick last, and there's much wrangling in between.

ESPN turned it into an event. Mel Kiper turned himself into a "Draft Expert" and the two of them conspire each year to drive all of America's sports fans effing crazy by starting their coverage of the NFL Draft in October and winding it down in June. Somewhere in between, the actual draft happens.

And the other thing here, besides having to listen to Mel Kiper and the rest of them, is that ESPN televises the draft, so watching SportsCenter talk about the draft and build hype for it is like nine months of commercials. Who the heck wants that?

I actually stopped watching ESPN for a long time. The endless parade of talking heads and analysis and hipster catchphrases over the same ten video clips made me more angry than entertained, so I watched Home and Garden and found some serenity. Now, however, with the NFL Draft becoming enough of an EVENT that it's spilled over into the news, I thought I would start a blog to rant about it, and all the other dumb crap that bugs me.

Hop on, there's room for more.

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